International cooperation

A semester in Sarajevo, the other one in Graz, doing research in Barcelona … Do you know that if you choose to study  at the University of Sarajevo you can study at other world university? How? The University of Sarajevo International Cooperation Department is here to introduce you with possibilities.

The University of Sarajevo is a partner in many international exchange programs in which students can plan spending one semester at some of the European, American or perhaps Asian universities. There are several exchange programs you will encounter during your education at the University of Sarajevo. Of course the most popular exchange programs are those which, in addition to spending a semester abroad, also include financial support (scholarship). You are also in the opportunity to expand your linguistic, cultural and educational experience, meet new people, make long-lasting friendships, learn a foreign language and get acquainted with a different approach to studying at some of the universities outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Erasmus+ is an exchange program through which you can already spend the second semester of your studies at on one of the most prestigious European universities (Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris, Graz, Zagreb, or at 100 other available universities with whom the University of Sarajevo has an agreement signed), listen to lectures and pass the exams to complete the required ECTS credits.

The Erasmus+  includes a monthly scholarship that covers your living and travel expenses..

The Mevlana is a program whose goal is students exchange between the University of Sarajevo and Turkish educational institutions. Through this program you can spend one or two semesters (depending on the offer) at some of the partner universities in Turkey.  In this program students receive a scholarship in accordance with the amount determined by the Executive Board of Turkey’s Higher Education Council while traveling on their own. For more information about the Mevlana program, please contact the University of Sarajevo’s International Relations Office.

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is a central European exchange program for students and professors. This program enables the mobility for students from a list of CEEPUS member countries (in addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina): Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia. Information and a detailed list of documents needed for competing can be obtained from the CEEPUS website ( or through the Vice-Dean/Coordinator for International Cooperation at your Faculty/Academy.

In addition to these programs, there are available other kinds of financial and academic support for exchange: DAAD (cooperation and exchange with German universities), Fulbright (exchange with American universities), CMEPIUS (educational exchange program with the Republic of Slovenia), VISEGRAD Fund (exchange scholarships with the Republic of Hungary, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and other opportunities on a bilateral basis.

If you would like to participate in mobility programs, it is essential for you to regularly check websites at which you can find information concerning exchange and studying at universities outside B&H that offer scholarships. Fortunately, the UNSA international Relations Department has gathered all information at one place: the website  In addition to our official website, you can follow us at social networking sites:


Twitter: @UNSAerasmus

Instagram: univerzitetusarajevu


We would strongly advise you to follow notices at our web and social network sites. Quite often our International Relations Office organize Info Day events during which students who participated in exchanges explain in details how to apply for scholarships, gather needed documents, the complete process from the application to the winning of scholarships and going abroad. This is an excellent opportunity that should not be missed, as the international experience during studying will certainly contribute to better positioning in labor market after the graduation.