University of Sarajevo student’s Parliament

The University of Sarajevo’s Students Parliament is the only legitimate student umbrella representative body at the University of Sarajevo and consists of student councils from all 26 UNSA Faculties and Academies that are part of the SPUS.

The main goals of the Students Parliament are to improve the quality of education and student standards, as well as to connect with other student organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and other parts of the world.

By implementing the Bologna process a new trend in the Western Europe has begun in the organization of student organization in order to increase the efficiency of the implementation of and protection of students ‘rights as well as raising students’ standards.

In the foreground such trends imply the existence of an umbrella organization that will represent all students of a particular university. The realization of this project was realized at the University of Sarajevo’s Students Parliament founding assembly in January 2008, an organization representing the interests of all students from our university.

The Student Parliament provides students with various forms of education, informal education, socializing and traveling. It is also possible to volunteer and gain first work experience in the Student Parliament.

At the University of Sarajevo’s Students Parliament also operates Student Activism Center, which provides every student of the University of Sarajevo with the opportunity to engage, manifest and realize their ideas and talents as well as legal counseling.

To become a SPUS member you need to be enrolled at the University.

We invite all our students to join us actively as soon as possible and give their contribution to improving the living conditions and studying of our students.


Address:         Obala Kulina bana St, 7/IV