JUKS Institute for University of Sarajevo Students Healthcare

The Institute for University of Sarajevo Students Health Care has been present for over 68 years and provides health care to young people with the status of University of Sarajevo students during the course of their studies (from age 19 to 26). Its primary objective is preservation and taking care of students health, however the mission is establishing a the trusting relationship and mutual respect between medical staff and patients, promotion of healthy way of living and taking care of your own body and mind while studying.

Our vision for the institution’s development both the for youth and the University of Sarajevo is affirmation of all educational programs and contents as well as delivering lectures from health education, prevention and all other topics related to various pathologies which are unfortunately more and more present in young population. The ultimate goal of medicine is taking preventive action.


Address: Patriotske lige br. 36

Http: www.zdravljestudenata.ba