“Bosna” University Sports Society

The “Bosna” University Sports Society was founded on 7 December 1947 as a sports association of University of Sarajevo students with the aim of promoting student sports.

The Society is based on the principles of sports and elderly education as universal categories, in accordance with the UNESCO’S International Charter of Physical Education and the Principles of the International Olympic Movement.

In “Bosna” there are clubs for athletics, weightlifting, football, gymnastics, hockey, wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, skating rink, basketball, volleyball, swimming, diving, rhythmic gymnastics, handball, table tennis, chess, tennis and water polo.

We would like to emphasize the extraordinary success of the Basketball Club “Bosna” which won the title of European champions in 1979. Popular “Students” celebrated the victory in the Grenoble in France over the Italian basketball club “Emerson”.

A large number of “Bosna” athletes have achieved remarkable results at significant international and domestic competitions in the national teams of the former Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All clubs are open for admission of new members, and the joint manifestation of all “Bosna” clubs is the Student Spring and Autumn cross.



Address:         Hamze Hume St, 2

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