Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Why enrolling?

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is the highest scientific-educational institution in the area of natural, mathematical and computer science sciences which combining sciences composed of science-teaching Departments for biology, physics, geography, chemistry and mathematics. Today, the Faculty of Natural Sciences is a respectable higher education institution, not only at the University of Sarajevo but throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Natural and mathematical fields and sciences are home sciences in numerous higher education organizations at the University of Sarajevo, as well as other Faculties throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through three-year and four-year undergraduate studies students acquire fundamental knowledge from biochemistry and physiology, ecology, genetics and microbiology (at Department of Biology), applied mathematics, theoretical computer sciences and informatics (Department of Mathematics), regional and spatial planning, tourism and environmental protection (Department of Geography), theoretical, experimental and medical radiation physics (Department of Physics), chemistry and quality control, the environment (at the Department of Chemistry). At all departments, the teaching-scientific process is carried out in the teaching course in which future teachers and professors are formed for work in elementary and secondary schools.



What after completing studies?

Upon completion of the studies, students are, due to skills acquired at the Faculty, trained to work in the middle and primary schools, scientific research institutes, expert laboratories in government services, software companies and institutions in the financial and IT sector. Also, there are great possibilities of employing in chemical laboratories of different profiles, then in various branches of the chemical as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, petrochemicals, and in medical institutions. Students who complete the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics can also work as court experts, arts restorers and forensic experts.

The knowledge gained in the undergraduate study also enables work in the fields of tourism (institutes, ministries and agencies), environmental protection, and a large number of institutions dealing with regional and spatial planning at all levels. According to Bologna principles , the continuity of education at all Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ departments is achieved through a year-long study at the second cycle (II) and a three-year (doctoral studies) at  the third (III) cycle, which through study plans, delivers high quality professional and scientific improvement in the fields of undergraduate studies courses.


Study patterns:          4 + 1 + 3

3 + 2 + 3


Departments:             Biology






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