Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Why enrolling?

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Sarajevo is the only one of its sort in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The competencies [knowledge and skills] acquired through education at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Sarajevo are in line with the provisions of Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe on regulated professions, as well as the DIE (International Organization for Animal Health) Recommendation on Veterinary Medicine Doctors for Quality Assurance in National Veterinary Services.

The student attends an integrated study program of the first and second study cycles. According to the curriculum, duration of this study is ten semesters or five years. Through programs TEMPUS, CEEPUS, VetNEST and Basileus, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine actively participates in the student exchanges thus enabling students to acquire new knowledge from medicine. At the end of the study, 300 ECTS are obtained with the academic title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.



What after completing studies?

The employment possibilities for doctors of veterinary medicine are different. The largest number of Vet. Med. graduates usually find employment in veterinary ambulances and clinics, whose basic task is animal health care and a prevention program development.

Also, doctors of veterinary medicine can be employed in various administrative (state and entity ministries) and executive bodies (inspection jobs), Veterinary (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, institutes, reproductive centers) and educational institutions. Vet. Med. Doctors also find their place in primary livestock production (farms and other forms of intensive animal production), as well as in controlling the quality of animal origin foods in slaughterhouses, fish processing plants, meat processing plants, dairy farms and other forms of processing industry related to animal production. In the pharmaceutical industry, they work on development and drug controls, but also as representatives of pharmaceutical companies for the supply and distribution of veterinary and human medicines. One of the advantages of this study is the possibility, with 300 ECTS, for candidates to enroll in doctoral studies anywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina or the world, and enter in the research.


Study pattern:           5 (I+II) + 3

Departments:             aggregated studies


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