Institute for Genetics and Biotechnology (INGEB)

Institute for Genetic Engineering  and Biotechnology (INGEB)

The Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB), as an organisational unit of the University of Sarajevo and plays an important role in its scientific and educational function. Our mission is to develop new genetic technologies by using the most advanced scientific methods, which are applicable in the various branches of the industry – from agricultural and food science technologies to healthcare industry, as well as the protection of biological resources. INGEB with its six laboratories has the infrastructure for modern molecular biological research in the field of plant, animal, microbial and human genetics and genomics, at the same time providing a chance for students at the first and second cycle of study at the Faculties of natural-mathematical, biotechnical and biomedical sciences to participate in  “Student Research Projects”. The competitive environment is a great place for young and prospective 3rd cycle students from a related area for continuous exchange of scientific information within the framework of excellent international co-operation, as well as through practical laboratory implementation of doctoral dissertations.

Basic and applicable Genetics and Biotechnology together with Information Technologies is the basis of the modern scientific and technological progress of humanity. Practical knowledge and skills in molecular genetics and biology which students acquire through the INGEB activities profiles and trains them for research and laboratory work in the academic or industrial sector anywhere in B&H and the world. After studies, there are opportunities for participation in post-doctoral research within INGEB, as well as for further vocational training.

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