Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Why choose studying at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences?           

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences was founded on March 21, 1940, and as the oldest secular higher education institution in B&H, has a reputation and tradition recognised and valued at both the state and the world level.

Food production has always been and remains the most important human activity. Academic education at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science at the University of Sarajevo is a blend of diverse knowledge that combines different scientific areas from natural, biotechnical and technical sciences to social sciences, arts and the humanities. This education enables graduates to perform various tasks related to the production, processing and distribution of food, to the development and improvement of rural areas, and a sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, as well as the protection and study of the rich biodiversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The teaching process is very dynamic, modern and interdisciplinary and takes place in the form of lectures, laboratories practicals, practicals on the production of cheese and other products, at Butmir (field experiments), as well as in the premises of partner companies, farms and agricultural administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but sometimes in the region as well. Different skills are acquired at the Faculty, from those related to the management of agricultural machinery (e.g. tractor driving course) and small innovative solutions for the processing of plastics and other waste, to those related to work in the field of food forensics, in laboratories and plants, as well as those related to advocacy and negotiation on the market, and the creation of public policies related to the EU accession process.

The Faculty has successfully built a strong and broad international co-operative network that enables students to attend a number of classes at prestigious universities in Europe, but also to attend lectures by excellent international experts at home. In the process of preparing the final papers, students get the opportunity to co-operate with profiled and internationally recognised research teams, as well as the possibility of professional affirmation by publishing the results of research in the internationally indexed journal Radovi Poljoprivredno-prehrambenog fakulteta  or by presenting at the traditional annual scientific and professional conference onagriculture and food industry .

The Faculty successfully built a flexible, academic environment based on dialogue, where students can satisfy their own curiosity on a daily basis, as well as the need to learn and share knowledge. The student is the epicentre of all activities at the Faculty, and motivated and accessible teaching staff in various ways and through various forms encourages creativity and innovation, as well as creating working habits that will be the basis for the future success of young people. At the Faculty, we jointly create and implement various international projects that introduce new production and management practices such as “Urban Agricultureˮ”, which opens up new opportunities for students in the area of ​​improving the quality of the environment and life, creating new ways of distributing food, new food products, gastro offer and the like.

Students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food have the opportunity to engage in student activism and through the work of the Association of Students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, work on projects of importance for improving the position of students, but also the quality of the community, such as developing an innovative solution for converting plastic waste into useful products. In this way, students acquire transferable, portable skills that will make them” actors and creators of their own destiny”, but also citizens willing to solve local development problems in a way by which they contribute to the prosperity of the entire planet.

The Faculty offers study programmes in the field of plant production, zootechnics, food technology and economics of agriculture and food industry, which are in accordance with the needs of employers and the labour market. The Faculty of Agriculture, through the programmes of ERASMUS, CEEPUS and others, actively participates in the exchange of students and teachers, which enables the student to acquire new and modern knowledges related to the production, processing and distribution of food, but also in the field of sustainable development, and in particular the development of rural areas.

By choosing one of the offered study programmes, the student is studying for the production or processing of food, which is one of the noblest occupations of today.


What after completing the studies?

Upon completion of the studies, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out management and production management activities both on family farms and in larger agrifood companies. Governmental and non-governmental institutions in which you can find employment are the state administration and local self-government offices in the field of agriculture and rural development, research institutions, institutions that are involved in the introduction and / or certification of quality systems, agricultural pharmacies and institutions that are engaged in designing and consulting in agribusiness, as well as in domestic and international development agencies. Graduated students can work independently as sales representatives and marketing experts in agribusiness, designers, managers, technologists or leaders of production and processing in the food industry according to the type of the study programme and the lines of study successfully completed. Those who want to transfer their knowledge to the younger ones can be employed as teachers in a secondary vocational school.


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