Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

Why choose studying at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education?

With its long tradition, orientation towards excellence, advancement of teaching staff and management, the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education carries the name of the leader in the field of sports education and research in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In terms of staff, materials, resources and qualities, the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education is a leading higher education institution in the field of sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is not lagging behind similar Faculties in the region. The Faculty implements three cycles of study within the general line of study, and the management in sport line of study, which provide students with top competences, as well as the development of managerial skills, creativity and competitive spirit. This orientation gives young people an ideal prerequisite for developing a versatile, quality and strong personality foran active role in the society.

The guarantee for achieving this mission is a relatively young teaching staff, optimal equipment and functionality. The campus covers an area of 8,500 m2  used for classrooms, halls, laboratories, the library and the restaurant space.

The Faculty of Sports and Physical Education is an institution where young people can dedicate their passion and time with the certainty that is an excellent choice for their quality and fulfilled future.



What after completing the studies?

  • After completing the first cycle of general studies, students obtain knowledge and competence for conducting and implementing the teaching process of sports education in the educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher education and sports -recreational, kinesitherapeutic and security-related activities.
  • After the end of the second cycle of general studies, students obtain knowledge for conducting the sports education teaching process in educational institutions. Students are trained to apply and manage smaller research, developmental and applicative research to the improvement of the programs efficiency and the content of sports and physical education.
  • After completion of the first cycle of studies of management in sports, students acquire knowledge, professional competence for work in the field of sports management, sport marketing, managerial positions at sports organisations, financial management in sports, management of sports events and facilities, safety in sports facilities, sports branding.
  • After the end of the second cycle of studies in the field of management, students acquire specific highly skilled theoretical, methodological and applicative knowledge of the thorough and professional training for developing, managing and monitoring projects within sports management.

Years of study: 4 + 1 + 3

3 + 2 + 3


Departments: general line of study

– general training courses for trainers and sports staff:

  • Special Purposes Programme(Army and Police)
  • Sports
  • Sports Management
  • Sports and Media
  • Adaptive Preparation of Athletes
  • Physical Preparation of Athletes
  • Sport Recreation and Tourism


Address: Patriotske lige St. No. 41

Tel.: +387 33 211 537

E-mail: dekanat@fasto.unsa.ba

Web: www.fasto.unsa.ba

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