University of Sarajevo Academic Cultural Centre

The Academic Cultural Centre Seljo was founded in 1949 as University of Sarajevo member institution in order to help students to demonstrate talents in the field of cultural and artistic fields. So far it has been affirmed b valuable artistic results that go beyond the standard amateur interest.

From the foundation to the present day, more than 17000 members working in various ensemble ensembles have been members in the Academic Cultural Centre Seljo.

Many famous opera artists, conductors, masters of dance of foreign games and songs, affirmed writers, drama artists, musicians, fine artists and stars started their careers in “Seljo.”


At the moment, the following twelve ensembles are active:

  1. Academic Folk Ensemble “Seljo”
  2. The National Orchestra “Seljo”
  3. Academic Theater “ART Club”
  4. Traditional music vocal group “Seljo”
  5. Art studio “Seljo”
  6. Academic mixed choir “Seljo”
  7. Chamber Choir
  8. Vocal Ensemble “Friends”
  9. Tamburitza Orchestra “Seljo”
  10. Vocal Ensemble “Corona”
  11. Folk orchestra “Bendbaša”
  12. Guitar Orchestra “Seljo”


The countries in which the ensembles performed (in some independently, in some together, somewhere more than only once) are: USA, China, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Albania, France, Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria, Spain, UK, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya and so forth.

The audience for new members is open all year round.



Address:         Mehmeda Spahe St, 20