University Tele-Informatics Center (UTIC)

The University Tele-Informatics Center (UTIC) is a sub-organizational unit of the University whose activities combines the needs for the applicative – IT support to the University organizational units, integrating educational and business functions of organizational units and linking their computer resources into a unique academic network and service. UTIC carries out non-cyclical training of the UNSA staff on Information Technologies and performs other activities that contribute to fulfillment of its core activities goals, which contribute to better exploitation of human and spatial capacities and the equipment, as well as professional tasks for the needs of the University. Some of the activities that UTIC is doing are:

  • Connecting UNSA members into a computer network: the academic computer network of the University of Sarajevo was created with the intention of setting up an information communication infrastructure linking Faculties and institutions into the University Unified Computer Network managed by a central node formed at the University Telecommunication Center (UTIC). On servers located in UTIC, network services are established used by students and academics of all Faculties;
  • maintenance and development of the Student Services Information System (ISSS UNSA): ISSS is a web based information system that archives all information about professors, students,
  • Exams, results achieved on exams etc. ISSS is implemented and actively used at all Faculties/Academies and joined members.
  • The basic function of the system is informatization and basic automation of process at Faculties and Academies for teaching, examinations, assessment, records, issuing certificates, etc., and ensuring the implementation of the Bologna principle of studying;
  • issuing and printing diplomas and diploma supplements for students from all UNSA Faculties/Academies: through an application for diploma and diploma supplementation printing, UTlC performs all the technical and administrative activities required for the issuing and printing diplomas and diploma supplements for UNSA students;
  • Computerization of all elementary and middle schools in Sarajevo Canton – Education Management Information System is an information system intended for the collection and management of data in primary and secondary schools. The system allows p presentation of statistical data in the education process at the level of primary and secondary schools and serving as a planning assistance at the level of Ministries and schools;
  • Administration and maintenance of the state domain. ba: UTlC is the authorized administrator of the .ba domain. Within the aforementioned activities, UTlC performs the establishment of a computer-communications infrastructure, the development of advanced technical solutions, the construction of appropriate information solutions, and the establishment of a unique DNS service, such as technical and administrative support at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Address:         Zmaja od Bosne St, 8