Simply the Best

Dear University of Sarajevo students,

In this Guide you will find general information about the studies you have enrolled in or intend to enrol, thus making a step forward and getting closer to your future advancement and development. You certainly already know that our, but also yours, University of Sarajevo, is the oldest, largest, best ranked, most prestigious, most diversified and simply—the best. And here is why!

THE LARGEST! The University of Sarajevo comprises 25 + 1 Faculties and Academies, five Institutes, three university centres, three associated members institutions, the Students’ Parliament and four other members. Of all university professors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 40% teach at our University.

THE BEST RANKED! The University of Sarajevo occupies the top position on all ranking lists when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the Webometrics list, the University is ranked in the top 6% of all ranked universities in the world.

THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS! In its 70 years, the University of Sarajevo has been the first choice for more than 160,000 graduates, 16,000 MAs and 3,000 Doctors of Sciences. At the moment, more than 28,000 students are studying at the University of Sarajevo. We are proud because at our and your University we have students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina- 33% of them are from other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 3% from abroad (from countries of the world, but also from the United States, Italy, Brazil, Kenya, Syria and many other countries). The University of Sarajevo has institutional accreditation, as well as international accreditation for certain study programmes conducted at its Faculties and Academies. On the international level, the University of Sarajevo has more than 158 co-operation agreements signed with prestigious universities from around the world.

The University of Sarajevo also gives scholarships for the best students and students of low socio-economic conditions from its own Funds: “Suada Dilberović” and “Academician Edhem Čamo.”

THE MOST DIVERSIFIED! Its comprehensiveness includes the humanities, social sciences, medicine, natural sciences, mathematics and biotechnology, technical sciences and arts —taught at Faculties and Academies, providing the enrolment opportunities in more than 500 study programmes. Our students can study as full-time, full-time self-funded and part-time students. It is also possible to choose Distance Learning Studies, as well as study in English in numerous study programmes. In the end, the diploma received after graduation has the European Higher Education Area recognition. University of Sarajevo students can benefit from international mobility programmes such as Erasmus+ and study at more than 100 most prestigious universities in Europe and the world. The Confucius Institute at the University of Sarajevo enables students to learn the Chinese language and acquaint themselves with the culture of the People’s Republic of China.

SIMPLYTHE BEST! To study at the best university—the University of Sarajevo— means opening the doors of opportunities and paving a successful and exciting life path. We invite the best students to complete their studies at the most prestigious universities, but also at the most advanced research centres such as CERN. By applying the Bologna principles, we nurture excellence and give students the opportunity to enjoy high quality higher education, elaborate their ideas, hone their competencies, and acquire practical skills and experience in the best companies. We also place strong emphasis on more than 200 co-operation agreements signed with the economic and business sector.

We are proud of the fact that the University of Sarajevo has enrolled 44% full-time students whose tuition fees have been paid.

THE LONG-STANDING TRADITION! The fact that the University of Sarajevo was founded in 1949 is a bearing of the general socio-cultural development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It honours the Humboldtian university model of the humanistic tradition in Europe, continually ensuring that research and education are mutually connected, and thus strengthening and enhancing the Bosnian academic community. The University of Sarajevo is also the driving force behind the establishment of new public universities: in Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla – and as such is the alma mater of all BH public universities.

Therefore, dear University of Sarajevo students – be what you truly are and choose your studies!