Faculty of Architecture

Why choose studying at the Faculty of Architecture?

Since its founding in 1949, the Faculty of Architecture has woven a solid educational thread with renowned Central European architectural schools, but has also become recognisable for the decades-long operation and the transposition of indigenous Bosnian-Herzegovinian architectural values into a contemporary architectural expression.

From the tradition of this school, which is a sensible mixture of engineering and artistic disciplines, the “Sarajevo School of Architecture” emerged, filled with generations of outstanding builders and passionate followers of progressive architectural thought.

In recent years, the teaching staff structure has changed, the curriculum transformed, but the students’ profiles and competences have been retained. Quality interactive co-operation was achieved with renowned European architectural centres, including Faculties from Barcelona, Stuttgart, Trondheim, Istanbul, Bari, etc., during which the students and faculty mobility has been established.

In the mobility framework, students at foreign partner institutions produce amazing results, which presents the scientific and professional qualities of the Sarajevo school of architecture in the best way.

This Faculty is for candidates who are dedicated, hard-working and team-work oriented, but also for those who want to discover a creative streak and talent in themselves.

What after completing the studies?

After successful completion of the 1st three-year cycle of studies, the title of Engineer of Architecture – Bachelor with Honours in Architecture is obtained as well as qualifications for enrolling the second studies cycle,  as along with the competencies required for participating in the labour market in the areas and levels of collaborative activities in the architectural and urbanistic field. Aware of the collaborative work limitations and as they cannot  sign their own copyright projects, a majority of Bachelors with Honours in Architecture continue with a two-year education at the 2nd cycle of studies.

The acquired knowledge and professional qualifications from the 2nd cycle of studies lead to the Master of Architecture-Graduated Architect title, which enables enrolment in the 3rd cycle of studies, as well as a responsible dealing with all professional activities.

Curricula are continuously profiled and upgraded in line with market needs and largely compatible with those in Europe. After the end of the second cycle of studies, a series of concrete activities in the private and public sector is available, whereby candidates are trained to work in:

  • design and urban bureaus and institutions,
  • construction companies and consulting agencies,
  • secondary and higher education institutions and scientific-research institutes; and
  • various institutions and companies in the field of urban planning, architecture and design.

Considering the significant needs of the BH and foreign labour markets, the continued interest of young people for this prestigious profession is evident.

UNSA Faculty of Architecture invites all potential candidates with a wide range of interests and positive energy to enrol in this renowned school, which will, in five study years, change their way of thinking and views on the environment.

Architecture does not know state borders and continents and easily transcends them. Architecture has its own world and its own universal language, lines, surfaces and forms, equally readable and recognisable everywhere.

Years of study: 3 + 2 + 3

Departments: integrated studies

Address: Patriotske lige St. No.30

Tel.: +387 226 530

E-mail: arh.f.sa@bih.net.ba

Web: www.af.unsa.ba

FB:  Arhitektonski Fakultet Sarajevo