Institute for Researching Crimes against Humanity of the International Law

Institute Activities

– Research and experimental development in social sciences and the humanities

The University of Sarajevo Institute for Researching Crimes against Humanity and International Law is a public scientific institution working on tasks that have invaluable value for the scientific investigation of aggression, genocide and other forms of crimes against humanity and International Law on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a meritorious and well-known research institute, the Institute presents the research results, informing the world’s scientific and political public about genocide and aggression.

Through systematically and scientifically rigorous obtaining of documents on crimes against humanity and international law, the Institute helps the creation of a documentary basis for an in-depth elaboration of all forms of crime in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the production of scientific expertise. In this way, the systematic improvement of work in the field of investigating crimes against humanity of international law is improved. In addition, scientific and experimental procedures for recording, collecting, classification, input, analysis and collection of collected data are developed. Numerous professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina working on research in these areas receive adequate assistance from the Institute or are directly referred to the implementation of individual projects.

Library and Archive

The Institute has a library holding all of its editions published so far as well as other important books on the subjects the Institute does research in. The Institute has a modernly equipped archive storing vast archival material of the Institute.


Address: Halida Nazečića St. No. 4

Tel.: +387 33 561-350