Language Institute

The University of Sarajevo Language Institute was established in 1972 by a Law on the Language Institute. Its core mission is to continuously work on the development and dissemination of language culture, systematic scientific research and the development of language and its forms on the principles of scientific excellence, as well as the publication of research results along with continuous education of staff for the needs of science. This mission can be seen through the prism of the Institute’s primary activities such as scientific research in the field of language, training staff for scientific research work and publishing the results of work in its editions.

The activities the Institute gives priority to is scientific, fundamental, applied and developmental research of pre-standard and standard language, organic idioms in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, language expressions study in Bosnia and Herzegovina through implementation of the existing and activation of new scientific and expert projects in the field of Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian language and through the monitoring of adequate publishing activities.

The Institute’s vision is to create a socially useful, responsible and profitable institution that will be an internationally and regionally recognisable centre in the scope of its activity, and a top research institution that will play an important role in popularising language sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina and raising awareness on the importance of scientific research on the Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian language. The Language Institute should be a first-rate research institution at the national, regional and international level permanently contributing to the development of language sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Address: Hasana Kikića St.No. 12

Tel.: +387 33 200 117



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