Faculty of Dental Medicine

Why choose studying at the Faculty of Dental Medicine with Clinics?

The Faculty of Dental Medicine with Clinics, University of Sarajevo, was founded in 1960 as a Department at the Faculty of Medicine. Since 1974 it has been as an independent organisational unit that occupies an important position in the national and international higher education system.

The integrated study at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Sarajevo lasts for six years, i.e. 12 semesters, after which the title “Doctor of Dental Medicine” is awarded, and since 2019, the programme is also delivered in English. The study was designed in such a way that during the first two years, lectures and exams are taken from general and preclinical subjects, so that in this way students would be prepared to work with patients. After the second year, students are in direct contact with the patient, under professional supervision of teachers and assistants, and the Faculty provides them with necessary equipment and materials for work.

A vocational study of dental hygiene at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Sarajevo, lasts for three years, i.e. 6 semesters, after which the “University Bachelor of Dental Hygiene” title is awarded. The study is designed for students to simultaneously attend lectures and participate in the practicals (working with a patient) under professional supervision of teachers and assistants, and the Faculty provides the necessary equipment and materials for work.

The Faculty is equipped with 125 new Sirona dental chairs, where the teaching process and clinical work takes place, new IT equipment, a renovated and redesigned amphitheatre, and new 4K technology introduced in the teaching process. The teaching process is further enhanced with the most up-to-date equipment: two 3D CBCT diagnostic devices, Dentply Sirona CAD & CAM technology and dental 3D printers, by means of which students are educated on modern achievements in the field. Continuous efforts are being made to improve and modernise the curricula to align them with study programmes at recognised European Faculties.


What after completing the studies?

After completing the integrated study (1st and 2nd cycle) at the Faculty, a doctor of dental medicine may enrol in the doctoral studies  as well as other forms of professional development, or the specialisation in dental disciplines.

Upon completion of the Professional Dental Hygiene Study, further education at the Specialist Vocational Studies is possible at the end of which candidates obtain  the “Professional Master of Dental Hygiene” title.

Owing to the excellence of the teaching and educational process, students are involved in scientific and health work as the Faculty strives to become the leading educational institution of this orientation in the region and the first choice of future students, candidates for the title “Doctor of Dental Medicine” or the “University Bachelor of Dental Hygiene”.

Professors and teaching assistants at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Sarajevo will continue to be recognisable for their excellence and innovative approaches in education, as well as for their research and medical treatment so that our students could become modern experts, able to face global social changes and challenges, but also flexible when it comes to contemporary trends in the profession and the needs of the society.


Years of study: 6 (I + II) + 3

Departments: Integrated Dental Medicine Studies

Vocational Dental Hygiene Studies (1st cycle)


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