Faculty of Catholic Theology

The Faculty of Catholic Theology is a higher education institution that organizes and conducts university-integrated philosophical and theological studies which last for five years (300 ECTS). After graduating, one obtains the academic degree of the Master of Theology. The Faculty is based on the foundations of the oldest organized higher education institution in BiH, the Vrhbosna Catholic Theology, founded in 1890 by the first Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Dr. Josip Štadler. Since its foundation, this higher education institution has carried out its own mission of educating priests. In addition to this task, the Faculty of Catholic Theology today has a task of forming Catholic laymen who after the completed studies take over their share of responsibility in the Church and society. The Faculty performs its mission of spreading the Kingdom of God and brining the good news through scientific research, the systematic and complete presentation of Christian revelation, the improvement of the knowledge of its truth through philosophical and theological sciences, the development of Christian philosophical and theological thoughts, the promotion of ecumenism and dialogue with all Christians, promoting dialogue with non-Christians and non-believers, with the world and culture.



What after completing studies?

Studying at KBF enables students to enroll in specific broad-spectrum education by enabling them to work and contribute to building their own personality through the acquisition of knowledge, values and attitudes that make a better approach to life and the entire reality. After graduation, one is enabled for priestly and secular pastoral work, for the qualified proclamation of Christ’s message. The Master of Theology provides the opportunity to work in scientific research in the field of theology, humanities and social sciences, in the field of religious education and education in church communities, at school, in preschool institutions, in social media, in church administration, in various forms of providing spiritual assistance, Work in mission countries, etc. By enrolling at the Catholic Faculty of Theology, you become a part of this living organism that grows and evolves, striving to remain faithful to its long and rich tradition as the warrant of a safe future. By building together on good foundations, in the spirit of Christian faith and churches, we are responsible members of the society who think critically, empowered to contribute to the universal good.


Study pattern: 5 (I + II)

Address: Josipa Stadlera St, 5

E-mail: tajnistvo@kbf.unsa.ba

http: www.kbf.unsa.ba