Welcome to the University of Sarajevo!

Welcome to the oldest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

In its long-standing tradition, the University of Sarajevo has produced a large number of eminent experts in almost all areas, both on the domestic and international academic, artistic and commercial scene. Therefore, I believe that our commitment to create modern and dynamic study programmes, whi best gay chat room ch are in line with world standards, is our duty and obligation without alternative. Only countries that have invested in the education of entrepreneurial and creative people today can boast with a high standard of living and a prestigious position on the market.

That is why our core mission is to enable students, researchers and professors, as well as other participants to think critically, understand the dynamics of global and local, socio-economic, technological and political processes/problems, offering sustainable and innovative solutions for improving the quality of life for all of us.

The success of our students is a measure of our success; therefore, we are constantly advocating for the improvement and development of study conditions that follow the top European knowledge-acquiring principles.

Therefore, my dear students, I urge you to take a responsible approach to the education process and take advantage of the wide range of opportunities for acquiring knowledge from our University. By choosing the University of Sarajevo, you are not only part of a proud student and academic community that has more than 28,000 students but engage your intellectual curiosity and knowledge into leadership roles that every modern and developed society needs.

Be happy and proud of being a free adult chat part of the University of Sarajevo and contributing to the development of scientific, professional and ethical thought in our country and beyond.



Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj

University of Sarajevo Rector

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