Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo is a higher education institution with the longest tradition in BiH in providing education and training from the field of fine arts. During its forty-five years, in addition to primary, the educational activities at the Academy implemented a number of significant cultural and artistic programs of exhibitions and lectures. The Academy organized and participated in numerous artistic and scientific-research projects contributing to the B-H cultural and artistic realities.

In investing efforts to meet the European criteria of art education, the emphasis is on permanent innovation and the empowerment of curricula in the spirit of contemporary social and art developments and trends in higher education.

Teaching takes place in six sections: teaching, painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, product design, and students are offered various groups of elective subjects. Academy’s spatial capacities – classrooms, laboratories, workshops, workshops, galleries, libraries, multimedia space offer quality teaching and artistic activity.

Many artists and designers who graduated from the Academy have become the main actors of BH art scene, won world-renowned awards for artistic achievements and contributed to the reputation of this institution.



What after completing the studies?

Upon completion of the studies, students are trained to act in a wide field of artistic work and/or design. With core competencies, students are trained for independent artistic work and for acting in the field of pedagogical and artistic work, and for various projects from product and graphic design.

In addition to possessing creative potential and critical thinking, they are ready to apply their knowledge in a wide range of works related to fine arts, design, digital-visual design with multiple purposes, and acquire the communication and teamwork presenting skills. Competencies are expanded in accordance with the passed elective courses.


Study pattern: 4 + 1 + 3

Departments: Teaching




Graphic Design

Product Design

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