Faculty of Civil Engineering

Why enrolling?

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, two Bachelor studies are organized – a civil engineering studies and geodesy studies each lasting for three years and worth 180 ETCS. After completing the first cycle of studies, four two-year master studies with 120 ETCS are organized:  Constructions, Hydrotechnics, Horticultural Engineering, Roads and Geodesy and Geoinformatics. Plans and programs of all studies are in line with the plans and programs of prestigious European universities, so students can easily spend a part of their studies or complete master studies at some of European universities. The basic motivation for enrollment at the Faculty of Civil Engineering is the possibility of fast employment after graduating in Bosnia and Herzegovina or abroad. The Faculty of Civil Engineering graduates are recognized in all countries of the world. There are virtually no engineers who have obtained a degree at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo who are unemployed. Since every aspect of economic development begins with the construction of objects, the perspective of this profession cannot be called into question..


What after completing studies?

After the completion of studies, construction and geodetic engineers have a wide range of occupations to deal with and are also highly sought after both in BiH and abroad: the design and execution of infrastructure, manufacturing, business, engineering, housing and other facilities, water management, environmental protection, research and production of construction Materials, management of construction companies, scientific research in the fields of civil engineering, geodesy and geoinformatics, and various administrative tasks for public and private institutions and enterprises. Construction engineer’s jobs are specific in that they always face new problems, and the products of their work are objects that overcome human lifetime and practically define the environment in which the people lives. By enrolling and completing studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, numerous options for developing a successful career by dealing with an extremely interesting business open..


Study pattern:           3 + 2 + 3

Departments:               Constructions

Hydrotechnics and Environmental Engineering


Geodesy and Geoinformatics


Address: Patriotske lige St, 30

E-mail: gfsa@gf.unsa.ba

Http: www.gf.unsa.ba