Faculty of Political Sciences

Why enrolling?

If you are interested in challenges that arise from society in today’s global political and security spheres and want to understand them and discuss with the experts shaping  the Bosnian public opinion, then the Faculty of Political Sciences is the right choice for continuing your education.

The Faculty offers more than 150 subjects – from those fundamental theoretical to specialist-applicative disciplines – through which almost all aspects of contemporary social life are dealt with. In this way after graduation, students are prepared to face different social, political and security challenges in real life and practically apply the acquired knowledge.

The comparative advantage after the end of the studies is the fact that it is about a higher education institution with the longest tradition in political studies, sociology, journalism and security and peace studies and social work in our country. The large number of our graduates actively participates in social and political trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina, demonstrating that our higher education institution offers useful in practice practical knowledge and skills.



What after completing studies?

The Faculty of Political Sciences gives the basis for professional competence to work in various governmental bodies, institutions, private and NGO sector, institutions of culture and education.

  • Am I qualified to compete in EU labor market with a degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences and how?

The experience of our graduates working in EU countries has shown that there is no difficulty in recognizing the degrees from Faculty and the University of Sarajevo. Since the EU labor market is quite large, it demands not just the knowledge acquired during education but other skills making students competitive. The Faculty of Political Sciences, through its programs, empowers students to improve their skills outside the formal education in order to take advantage of opportunities the EU can


  • Where can I find employment in my country with a degree from the FPS?


After you successfully complete the studies, Faculty graduates can work in different state institutions, political parties, scientific institutions, research and analytical institutes, political consulting area, international organizations and NGO civil-society associations.

Study pattern:           3 + 2 + 3

4 + 1 + 3


Political Sciences



Social Work

Security and Peace Studies

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