Music Academy

Why choose studying at the Music Academy?

The University of Sarajevo Music Academy is an institution of high interest in music in all areas. The mission of the Academy is to educate high-quality, capable, creative and internationally competitive and competent personnel in pedagogical, artistic and scientific fields. Bologna compliant curricula at the Music Academy are literally European because they are created according to similar European academies’ curricula. In the last ten years the Music Academy initiated many artistic events. Some of them are: May Music Event, Chamber Music Festival Sarajevo, MAS Concert Season, Sarajevo Sonic Studio. For the development of the Academy as well as the cultural environment of the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, these events have an immense importance. At the Music Academy today, the music sciences are  advancing primarily owing to the Musicology Institute, which brings together all teachers and students from various fields of musical science. Today, the Music Academy is an internationally recognisable artistic and educational institution with developed departments and lines of study, study cycles, outstanding artistic activities and results. 


What after completing the studies?

After graduating from the Music Academy in Sarajevo, young musicians have the opportunity to through their work influence the development of culture and art for the benefit of the entire community.

Years of study: 4 + 1 + 3


  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Solo Singing
  • Piano, Percussions, Harp and Related Instruments
  • String Instruments and Guitar
  • Wind Instruments and Accordion
  • Musicology and Ethnomusicology
  • Music Theory and Pedagogy

Address: Josipa Štadlera St. No.1

Tel.: +387 33 200 299



FB: Muzicka akademija u Sarajevu/ Academy of music Sarajevo